City braces for wet, cold weather

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SAN DIEGO – Between Thursday and Sunday, temperatures are expected to dip into the 30s in San Diego.

“When it gets cold, we have to weather through it because we have no choice,” said Charles Bundy, who lives on the streets of downtown San Diego.

cloudy weather in San Diego“It’s supposed to rain sometime in the morning,” said his buddy Chris Field. “We’re going to go find us somewhere to sleep under cover.  I hope that we can get out of the wind.”

Field said the wind chill makes it unbearable during extreme cold nights and many who live on the streets like him will try to stay in a shelter, but space is filling up fast.

In stores, space heaters fly off the shelves this time of the year, but the fire department has a warning for anyone using them.

“Heating devices are one of the leading causes of fires this time of year,” said San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Maurice Luque.

For those who have space heaters, Luque recommended the following:

  • Keep space heaters at least 3-feet from anything that might catch fire
  • Don’t place them on shelves because they can fall
  • Never leave space heaters on while you sleep
  • Treat them like candles

“Sometimes candles cause fires too,” Luque added.  “We had a fire in Ocean Beach a couple weeks ago where a person left a candle unattended and their dog knocked it over.”

Plant experts are recommending preparations for the cold weather.

“You should be concerned about things that are in the filadendrom family – tropical plants and things that are in containers,” said Michael Buckner of The Plant Man in Old Town.

Buckner offered the following advice:

  • Do not water your plants over the next three or four days.
  • Turn your landscape plant water off and turn your container water off.
  • If watering is needed, do it in the morning, so they’ll dry by noon

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