Pregame conversation with Spanos leads to more relocation speculation

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SAN DIEGO — A quick comment made by Dean Spanos to a sports reporter during San Diego Chargers loss to the Oakland Raiders Sunday has San Diegan’s speculating again about the future of the team.

Mighty 1090 host Scott Kaplan told FOX 5 the Chargers owner said he was leaning towards Los Angeles. He went on to describe their brief conversation.

“’You’re using the past tense — you would have committed to staying. Have you made up your mind?’ [Spanos] said ‘you know I want to stay in San Diego, but now because of everything that’s happening I find myself leaning towards Los Angeles,’” said Kaplan.

Kaplan said Spanos told him if they had received 50.1 percent of the vote for Measure C he would have committed to keeping the team in San Diego.

FOX 5 reached out to Chargers’ council Mark Fabiani who said their position has not changed.

“On the day after our Measure C was rejected by 57 percent of San Diego voters, Dean Spanos said that he would make a decision after the end of the regular season.  That remains his position today,” said Fabiani.

Seems every Sunday fans hear of new speculations on the Chargers plans to stay or go. Save the Bolts Campaign Communications Director Thomas Powell said San Diegans need to stay focused on keeping the team, not rumors.

“Our hope is that this is going to Houston and [the NFL team owners] will see the compassion that they’ve seen here, they’ve seen the stadium packed with Charger fans before,” Powell said. “Maybe a letter writing campaign from the fans to Jerry Jones will let them know how compassionate we are.”

Until then, the potential move to Los Angeles has bolt fans worried.

“The expectation was that everybody was going to keep this under wraps and that didn’t happen. I think between the letter that was sent to him last week, the mayor and everybody else talking… you’re hearing reports he’s infuriated. I think that is what got him emotional and candid to speak that way yesterday,” said Kaplan.

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