Powerball lottery coming to California

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SAN DIEGO – It’s another chance for lottery players in California to strike it rich.

Tickets for Powerball — the multi-state lottery game that creates cross-country pandemonium with its sky-high jackpots — will be available for the first time in the Golden State on Monday.

438f17d44514de4a47131c09a0121128Spring Valley resident Lloyd Howard plays a number of lotteries and said he’s ready for Powerball.

“Somebody just won, what…$300 million?  I’m trying to get that too,” said Howard.

Howard said he’ll buy tickets at Ray’s Market in Spring Valley — where a $2 million winning lotto ticket was sold two years ago.

“We feel we have a lucky store in general.  Hopefully someone hits the Powerball here,” said owner Raymond Kassab.

Powerball jackpots start at $40 million.  When jackpots go up — sales explode.  State lotto officials are happy players can play at home instead of having to cross state lines for tickets.

“The more times we can get those higher jackpots – the more revenue will come in to education here in California,” said Randy Forrester, with the California Lottery’s San Diego District Office.

Winning is still very much a long shot.  One statistician said a player buying 50 tickets a week would win the jackpot on the average of once every 68,000 years.

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