Poway residents line up for bottled water amid boil advisory

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POWAY, Calif. — The City of Poway has been providing water to its residents after discolored tap water prompted a boil water advisory and forced restaurants and businesses to shutter.

The brown water caused concerns and state regulators started testing for possible contamination on Friday.

On Monday, lines of cars surrounded City Hall, waiting for water bottle handouts.

“We’ve been here since six this morning, we’ll be here until six tonight. Same up at Lake Poway. When we have a challenge we face it. We’ve had much tougher challenges than this. We’ll get ‘er done,” said Steve Vaus Mayor of Poway.

Business owners have been frustrated with the process but say there is nothing they can do until the water is cleared for use.

The owners of Boba Co. say a group of moms in their neighborhood have been talking about the water issue for a while.

“For a couple of weeks now they’ve been complaining about dark water, brown water in their bathtubs,” said Jennifer Fang-Ching.

The mayor says the brown water has a simple and temporary reason.

“We simply had some rain water runoff get into what’s called the clear well. There was a faulty valve in a vault next to the clear well … a little bit of rainwater got in there, added a little sediment and caused the brown water,” Vaus said.

It could take state regulators as long as 48 hours to clear the water for use. In the meantime, businesses have simply shut down until further notice.

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