Poway mayor announces ‘free test rides’ on new Potato Chip Rock zip line

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POWAY, Calif. — A number of Poway residents showed up at Lake Poway Monday hoping for a thrill ride after Poway Mayor Steve Vaus announced free test rides on the city’s latest attraction: a zip line running from Potato Chip Rock down to the Ramona dam.

Vaus made the announcement on April 1 using his Twitter account. He called the zipline the first attraction of its kind in the world and claimed it designed and built by the “legendary Danish engineering firm Lippa/Sloof Flyve, who also designed Mt. Rushmore’s zip line.” Mt. Rushmore doesn’t have a zip line.

When people showed up at the lake to get a free test ride, they discovered that Vaus’ tweet was another of his April Fool’s Day pranks. Some were not amused, the mayor said, again on his Twitter feed. “A fair number of folks showed up at the lake looking forward to a ride…. some were more disappointed than others and were less than kind to staff,” he said in a twitter comment.

The city of Poway posted a notice at City Hall  explaining that the mayor’s tweet was a prank.

Vaus had made April Fool’s tweets something of a tradition. Two years ago he caused a stir by tweeting a doctored photo showing a broken Potato Chip Rock.  Last year, he tweeted that pranksters had moved the city’s statue of Tony Gwynn from it’s pedestal at Lake Poway Park to Poway High School.

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