Poway mayor addresses claims against city after boil water advisory


POWAY, Calif. — The mayor of Poway on Tuesday addressed the four claims filed against the city since the boil water advisory in November that carried over into the first week of December.

Two of the claims were filed by business owners and two others were filed by private citizens. One resident wrote in his claim that his pregnant wife and toddler became sick from the contaminated water.

“Thankfully the city has insurance and those experts are going to go through the claims,” Mayor Steve Vaus told FOX 5. “Any one that’s found to be valid, we’ll pay it. I guarantee it.”

Another claim from a business owner said he lost revenue and products, which he had to throw out because they were contaminated.

“Being a small business owner myself, my heart goes out to the business owners that were affected,” Vaus said.

Over 200 restaurants were shut down in Poway during the boil water advisory, which a new report shows was due to a rope becoming clogged in a valve in the drainage system meant to separate the storm drain from the clearwell reservoir.

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