Potholes raise concerns with more rain on the way

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SAN DIEGO — The number of potholes around the city of San Diego is a growing annoyance for residents, especially with wet weather bringing more concerns this weekend.

According to the city of San Diego, the most common way that a pothole is formed is when water seeps through cracks in the road. Tires rolling across those cracks causes the asphalt to eventually fail.

In Pacific Beach, people were steadily complaining about potholes on Ingraham St.

Mike Nugent said he paid $500 to fix his car after he hit a pothole in the road. “They keep popping up and I keep running over them,” Nugent said. “I’m taking massive hits to my car and it’s not fun.”

City officials said crews have fixed over 30,000 potholes in the last fiscal year. They also mentioned that crews respond to 120 work assignments each day on average.

Their workload has increased since the installment of the “Get It Done” app. Users are able to submit photos of potholes or other public works complaints by mobile device. For more information on how you can file a complaint, click this link.

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