Potholes bloom following rain storms

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SAN DIEGO  —  The rain has made an ongoing problem that the city of San Diego been dealing with for years even worse: potholes.

Following the last few storms, the streets of San Diego have literally opened up with a whole new crop of potholes. No street or neighborhood in San Diego is immune to the pothole.

No matter where you look, potholes ranging in size from smallish cracks to holes the size of a fist to even larger are popping up all over city streets and keeping city crews busy.

“I actually ran into a pothole yesterday driving, because it was so dark and the rain was so bad, and it was so dented in, and I’m just trying to think why isn’t this already fixed,” said University Heights resident Jahne Webster.

Webster says she’s fallen victim to the damaged roads and says something needs to be done before her car suffers more. 

“Just seeing the potholes in the streets like that, it’s just something has to be done to fix it because it’s damaging other people’s cars, and I for sure will be really mad if I hit a pothole,” said Webster.

Andrew Shamon Of Mission Hills Collision Center sees his fair share of pothole-damaged cars.

“If you hit a pothole too hard, it could crack your rim — even damage your suspension,” said Shamon. He says the huge potholes in front of his family’s shop are a major problem.

“Literally pools of water will fill up into them, and cars will just smash into them, and water will fly everywhere. It’s really dangerous,” said Shamon. “Seems like nothing is being done. They’re just saying they’re doing something, but nothing is getting done. It’s just annoying because I have to deal with it every day. I drive on this road daily.”

As of Tuesday, 1179 potholes had been reported on the city’s “Get It Done” app. Only 19 have been fixed.

With more rain on the way, there will no doubt be new potholes popping up. The city of San Diego will have its hands full.

“I have to use that app, because I have one on my street and they need to get it done” said Webster.

For more information on the City of San Diego’s “Get it Done” app and reporting site,  https://getitdone.force.com

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