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SAN DIEGO – Most Californians believe illegal immigration is a big problem, but even larger majorities reject mass deportations or building a wall along the Mexican border as fixes, according to a new poll.

According to the latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll of voters, 62 percent of respondents said illegal immigration was a major problem in the state and 23 percent called it a crisis, the Los Angeles Times reported. Only 36 percent said it was a small problem or no problem at all.

However, California voters rejected two measures proposed by Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. More than 75 percent rejected his call for mass deportations, saying they believed illegal immigrants who are already here should be allowed to stay. Sixty-five percent said illegal residents should be allowed to eventually apply for U.S. citizenship, while 14 percent said they should be allowed to stay and work legally but not be allowed to become citizens. Only 16 percent favored deporting them.

Voters opposed Trump’s idea of building a wall along the Mexican border by a 2-1 margin, according to the pollsters.