SAN DIEGO — San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is facing growing pressure to resign.

On Monday, a small group of veterans accused Fletcher of using PTSD as political cover as he was hit with allegations of sexual assault.

“When I heard that County Supervisor Fletcher had dropped the term PTSD in conjunction with his sexual assault allegation, my jaw dropped,” said Jason Gilbert, chairman of the Disabled Veterans PAC.

Last week, Fletcher, a Marine veteran, announced he was going into treatment for PTSD and alcohol abuse.

Days later, a lawsuit surfaced filed by a woman whom Fletcher allegedly sexually assaulted while she was a subordinate working for MTS as the Democrat served as chairman of the MTS Board of Directors.

On Wednesday, Fletcher announced he will officially resign May 15.

“This behavior, coupled with you using PTSD as a way to explain away your alleged sexual assault, is a slap in the face to all veterans, including me,” said Kate Monroe, founder of VetComm, a local organization that works with veterans who have PTSD.

Gilbert says Fletcher’s claims of PTSD is a serious concern for other vets dealing with the disorder.

“I can assure you there is no epidemic of sexual assault from PTSD veterans, but there is an epidemic of suicide and I’m very concerned about at-risk veterans with PTSD watching this story on the news and becoming distressed or angry that PTSD is now being associated with sexual assault,” said Gilbert.

Monroe, a Marine vet and sexual assault survivor, says she’s hearing anxiety and outrage from other veterans.

“Nowhere in the symptomology of PTSD is assaulting other people. So they’re very worried about the impression that the public is going to have of veterans that have PTSD,” Monroe said.