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SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Ukrainian Americans held a silent protest outside Awaken Church in San Diego County as it hosted a controversial guest speaker Saturday, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson.

Critics have accused Carlson of being sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin and he has seemed to clash with reporters on his own network over war coverage. But he also has widespread fans, hosting a top-ranked, primetime show for Fox.

Saturday’s protesters claimed Carlson spreads pro-Russia propaganda. They arranged strollers, car seats and baby shoes to represent the more than 150 children killed by the war in Ukraine.

“Your heartless message to American people who are the cradle of democracy, home of the brave, land of the free, is completely unacceptable by anyone,” said Vadin Gudin, who was among the demonstrators.

“A lot of victims of this war are children,” added Iuliia Puchko, another protester.

The protest didn’t deter fans of Carlson in attendance Saturday.

“I think he is controversial but I think almost everything he says is correct and I think that they’re listening to other people who are incorrect about what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine,” said Lisa Viceroy.

“I’ve been watching Tucker for quite a while now and I feel his viewpoints are spot on,” added churchgoer Anke Bajhart.

FOX 5 reached out to Awaken Church and Fox News representatives for comment and did not get a response.