SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors passed a vote of “no confidence” against Nathan Fletcher in a move to pressure him to resign from his position immediately.

The vote was held during an emergency special meeting Tuesday morning at the County Administration Center.

The resolution passed unanimously with Supervisors Joel Anderson, Jim Desmond, Terra Lawson-Remer and Nora Vargas voting in favor. Fletcher was not present at the meeting.

The board does not have the power to outright remove Fletcher from office, so the vote is essentially a move to put pressure on him to resign immediately, instead of the May 15 date he had previously announced.

The full letter requesting the vote of no confidence can be viewed here.

Fletcher has been accused of sexual assault and harassment in a lawsuit by a former Metropolitan Transit System employee.

“Because Supervisor Fletcher is not here, not available to respond to questions and concerns by the public and media about his actions,” Vargas said at a news conference Monday. “I feel we need to move forward with the limited information that we have now.”

Fletcher announced that he was out of state seeking treatment for PTSD and alcohol abuse. In addition to announcing his resignation from the Board of Supervisors, he also suspended his campaign for State Senate.

The board is expected provide their next steps moving forward at their regularly scheduled meeting on May 2. They are expected to discuss options for replacing Fletcher’s seat on the board and whether that would be done via an appointment or a special election.