SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, surrounded by other prominent local leaders, are in the nation’s capital for the next three days to lobby federal officials to make sure San Diego gets its fair share of federal dollars for projects.

“We have to show up here in Washington D.C. to make sure that we have our seat at the table for the national conversation and get our fair share from Washington so that we can tackle the big issues back at home, things like homelessness, housing affordability, infrastructure, public safety,” Gloria said.

Gloria, Chamber Of Commerce Chief Executive Jerry Sanders, County Board Chair Nora Vargas along with 170 other civic and business leaders will meet with a wide range of politicians and federal officials who lead various federal departments and are instrumental in allocating funds. This is by far the largest delegation to make the annual chamber-sponsored trip in its 15-year history.

According to Sanders, their key to success is strength in numbers, tackling key initiative on infrastructure, healthcare, transportation among many other key issues – like cross-border initiatives and sustainability.

“A couple million here, couple million there, it all begins to add up and what it really adds up to is a higher quality of life for San Diego and that’s why were here,” Gloria said.

To see those efforts in real time, the mayor looks to recent projects now underway.