Protesters, supporters of Trump rally outside Darrell Issa’s office

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SAN DIEGO – A group of President Donald Trump supporters and people opposed to the president held dueling rallies Tuesday morning in front of Republican Congressman Darrell Issa’s office in Vista.

The group called 49th District for President Donald -J- Trump gathered Tuesday morning to show support for Issa, President Trump and his agenda.

Tuesday’s rally was in response to critics of Trump who have been holding weekly protests in front of Issa’s office.

The groups were surprised when Issa showed up and spoke with them.

The groups were, for the most part, peaceful but Barbara Amador, who does not support the current administration, said members of the pro-Trump group stopped her from speaking to the congressman.

“He was answering the question and people came and started trying to push me out of the way,” Amador said. “He shoved the bill of his ball cap into my forehead and threatened me, and told me that I better watch out.”

“Since I have lived in Vista since 1985 I feel a responsibility to show up here,” Trump supporter who goes by Hustusa said. “I was very impressed that Darrell Issa came out and stood here and talked to us all. That’s very good.”

Hustusa said he plans on showing up every week.

“We just want him to have an in-person town hall that we’ve scheduled for later tonight to just come and talk to us and hear our concerns,” Amador said.

A town hall is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Jim Porter Recreation Center. Issa did not confirm whether or not he would attend.

“I think this morning there was a lot to be said, people were angry, they were animated but they calmed down and we were able to have a back and forth which is the only way we’re going to solutions that work for California and for the rest of the nation. As for the town hall, I’m sending staff there and they’ll be there while I’m here. We’ll see how it works when I get done here but I will say this I’m considering going and I’m sending staff to make sure that if I am able to do it I’ll be able to,” said Congressman Darrell Issa , R-CA 49th District.

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