SAN DIEGO — Protests continue across the country and in San Diego in response to a leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Hundreds gathered downtown outside the Hall of Justice to make their voices heard, sharing their passion for what they say is a threat to a fundamental right.

“It’s my rights being taken away. It’s the rights of people I love and I want to support and protect,” Keira Croft told FOX 5.

The landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling has protected a woman’s right to have a legal abortion for nearly five decades.

“Even though this might be framed as a women’s issue, even in 2022 this affects all of us,” said Helen Vinh with Socialist Alternative, the group that helped organize Wednesday’s event.

People of every age joined in, some accompanied by their parents or partners.

“Seeing how many men were out there helping us chant — you know we’re saying, ‘Our body, our choice.’ They’re saying, ‘Their body, their choice,’” Croft said.

Though local rallies have been centered on abortion rights, anti-abortion groups have also spoken out.

“When you say, ‘My body, my choice,’ that includes the baby’s. So, who’s making the choice on behalf of the baby,” San Diegan Jessica Williams told FOX 5.

Still, the people showing up downtown by the hundreds say they have faith the Supreme Court’s draft is not the end of the road.

“Every person who finds themself in a position where they have an unwanted pregnancy deserves a right to give that decision the best answer for them, and that means looking at all the options,” Amanda Womble told FOX 5.

The Supreme Court confirmed the draft was authentic, but maintains the draft does not represent the final ruling.