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SAN DIEGO — The November 2020 election has arrived, with all the energy and intrigue that a race for the presidency brings with it.

But the bitter contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is just the tip of the iceberg for voters in San Diego and all over the country.

On a local and statewide level, residents will approve or reject policies that directly impact their day-to-day life. They’ll choose who presides over their city as it recovers from a pandemic and withering economic recession. They’ll pick who speaks for them and their community in Washington.

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More than ever, they’ll vote by mail. As residents try to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, every registered voter in California will receive a mail ballot this election. The San Diego County Registrar ballots can be submitted both safely and securely through the postal service or via drop-off locations around the region.

The decisions for San Diegans go far beyond the top of the ballot, where Trump and Biden have each framed the presidential election as a battle for democracy itself.

Statewide ballot measures could reshape major elements of life in the Golden State. Keep an eye on Prop 25, which would eliminate cash bail, reimagining the state’s criminal justice system. And Prop 22 could determine the future for “gig economy” companies like Lyft and Uber.

In San Diego, voters will pick their new mayor from two Democrats with differing visions on the path forward for America’s Finest City. Local measures will help determine how the city addresses racial justice and policing after a summer of protest and debate, and plot the path forward for major developments like a new San Diego sports arena.

Around the region, candidates are vying to represent San Diego County in Congress. Ex-Rep. Duncan Hunter has resigned amid scandal, and the battle to replace him in East County is gaining national attention, with a GOP veteran facing off with a relative political newcomer hoping to turn the district blue.

No matter where you live in the greater San Diego area, November will determine the officials and policies that help shape life in your neighborhood. Whether through the mail or ballot box, make your voice heard.