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SAN DIEGO — Voters will elect three San Diego County Board of Education members this November, though one is an incumbent running unopposed.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The San Diego County Board of Education consists of five members. Each represents a different trustee area and is selected by voters. The four-year terms are staggered to allow for continuity.​

Map: San Diego County Board of Education Districts

District 1

Incumbent Mark Powell is seeking reelection against Gregg Robinson, a public school teacher. Powell assumed office in 2017 and highlighted his efforts to establish term-limits for school board members, revamp the county’s outdated drug curriculum and hold school leaders and districts accountable for their budgets. Robinson, a former board president, represented District 1 from 2013 to 2016. He wants to help the district deal with budget cuts efficiently. He is also an advocate for helping students in need such as those in juvenile hall and students who are homeless.

District 2

Incumbent Guadalupe Gonzalez is seeking reelection against Tamara Rodriquez. Gonzalez has represented District 2 since she was appointed to the board in 2015 then elected in 2016. She supports public education and helping to educate low-income and at-risk students. Rodriguez, a chief operating officer, said she is running because she cares about taxpayer money being used effectively. She said she wants to do better for children in South Bay who are hurt by deficits and budget cuts.

District 4

Incumbent Paulette Donnellon is running unopposed to keep her seat in District 4.