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SAN DIEGO — Members of San Diego’s Jamaican and South Asian communities reacted with pride in interviews with FOX 5 Saturday after learning California Sen. Kamala Harris had become the Vice President-elect.

Jamaican Americans at Rock Steady in Golden Hill were watching and celebrating Saturday night. People at the gathering told FOX 5 they are proud to see Harris become the first Jamaican- and South Asian American Vice President-elect in U.S. history.

“I think she will do good, and she (is a) voice for the people. She’s very open and, to me, I think she’s a very honest person,” said Paula Frederick, who is Jamaican-American.

Frederick said she watched closely as a woman of color and of Jamaican descent, just like her, reached one of the highest offices of the land.

“She’s a Jamaican,” Frederick told FOX 5. “You make me feel proud to know that a Jamaican descendent is in the White House, and I’m so happy that her dad is from Jamaica. I feel really, really happy.”

Before becoming Vice President-elect, Harris was District Attorney in San Francisco, then Attorney General of California, before serving in the U.S. Senate since 2017.

“Everybody is very thrilled to see that she is able to get to that level of recognition, and everybody is feeling as if a person of Indian origin also matters,” Felix Mathews, who is of South Asian descent, told FOX 5.

Harris is also set to become the first woman to serve as vice president. She said Saturday night that she won’t be the last.