La Prensa, region’s largest Latino newspaper, endorses Barbara Bry for mayor

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La Prensa San Diego, the region’s largest Latino newspaper, endorsed San Diego mayoral candidate Barbara Bry Tuesday. (Provided photo)

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SAN DIEGO (CNS) – La Prensa San Diego, the region’s largest Latino newspaper, endorsed San Diego mayoral candidate Barbara Bry Tuesday, citing her ideas on combating homelessness as what the city needs moving forward.

Both Bry, who is currently mayor pro tempore, and her opponent, Assemblyman Todd Gloria, D-San Diego, are Democrats who share many of the same big picture views.

La Prensa says Bry “has taken a hard look at homelessness and her approach to dealing with mental health and drug addiction — the root causes of most chronic homelessness — as well as the economic issues that push some into short-term houselessness, is a more comprehensive approach that will lead to truly helping people get back on their feet and under a roof to call their own.”

In her tenure on the City Council, Bry, a former journalist and tech entrepreneur who holds a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard, “has worked to expose and fix the troubling financial problems that face our city,” according to La Prensa’s endorsement.

“We believe Barbara Bry is clearly the better choice for Mayor of San Diego. We will continue to celebrate those that do good for our community and hold accountable those that fall short.”

On Friday, Gloria was endorsed by the San Diego Union-Tribune, whose editorial board cited Gloria’s housing policy, experience in city government as interim mayor and budget committee chair during the Great Recession and “diverse background.” Gloria served on the City Council for eight years, from 2008 to 2016, before being elected to the Assembly.

La Prensa’s endorsement of Bry says: “We acknowledge that Todd Gloria is a person of color, describing himself as ‘a Native American, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Dutch, gay guy, and the son of a hotel maid and a gardener’ in his State of the City address when he served as interim mayor in 2014, but we cannot make an endorsement based solely on skin color, sexual orientation, or his parents’ backgrounds.”

The newspaper then accused Gloria of “exaggerating his parents’ seemingly humble backgrounds for his own political gain,” saying they “haven’t worked those jobs since before he was born, and he claims he doesn’t come from ‘wealth and privilege’ then also says his parents ‘were able to buy a home and send both their children through college.'”

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