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SAN DIEGO — Many community groups pushing for police reform in San Diego see Measure B as a step toward more law enforcement accountability.

If passed by a simple majority, Measure B would replace the Community Review Board on Police Practices with a Commission on Police Practices, which the city council would appoint to conduct investigations into deaths resulting from interactions with police and other complaints against officers.

The new commission would have subpoena power — a change from the prior review board — allowing it to unearth information that isn’t readily available to independent groups.

The police chief of San Diego would still retain final determination of disciplining officers, but the measure would give an external body broader authority to review allegations of misconduct and recommended actions.

There is currently no organized campaign arguing against the measure, but Nancy Vaughn, a member of the current Community Review Board, recently wrote an editorial in the San Diego Union-Tribune opposing the policy.

Vaughn argues the measure is too costly to local government because it creates a new and expanded bureaucracy, and says that the current oversight body can keep law enforcement accountable as it is.

“This may not be the right time to embark on a seemingly desirable form of civilian oversight for SDPD given the low cost of CRB, survivor of multiple budget crises,” Vaughn wrote. Read the full editorial here.

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