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IRVINE, Calif. — President Joe Biden made an appearance Friday at Irvine Valley College, speaking in front of a small crowd about lowering costs for American families with a focus on health care.

“For years, there’s been no check on how high or fast pharma can raise drug prices,” President Biden said. “It’s outrageous…this year the American people won, we took on big pharma and we beat them finally.”

As the president touted his Inflation Reduction Act to help bring drug costs down, he also vowed to protect social security as benefits are set to go up nearly 9% next year.

“For the first time in 10 years, social security checks are going to go up…Medicare premiums go down…this is a big deal for seniors,” President Biden said.

The benefits are meant to help tackle inflation, which is at a 40-year high.

This comes on the heels of worse-than-expected news with Thursday’s inflation report revealing inflation in September rose 8.2% compared to the same time last year.

The president is also using inflation worries as an opportunity to attack Republicans before the mid-terms.

“Republicans take control, prices are going to go up… as will inflation… it’s just simple,” President Biden said.

The president did not take any questions from the media.

Earlier this week, the president downplayed claims the U.S. is headed for a recession, saying he doesn’t see one coming and any chance of a recession is “very slight.”