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SAN DIEGO — After spending the night in the San Diego area, President Joe Biden visited the Carlsbad global communications company Viasat.

The president used the location to highlight American companies that will benefit from the CHIPS and Science Act passed in August.

“We saw it during the pandemic from factories that make these chips shut down the global economy comes to a halt, driving up the cost for everyone,” Biden said.

The legislation aims to boost chip manufacturing, investment and research in the U.S., which as of right now, relies heavily on east Asia for those chips.

“We need these chips to build mostly everything that it makes right here, instead of relying on chips made overseas could be delayed because of pandemic or some global disruption,” Biden said. “Now they’re going to be able to have those chips available on the spot, it’s a game-changer.”

The president delivered his remarks to around 300 people. In the group, several local leaders, including San Diego County Board Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and Congressmen Scott Peters and Mike Levin.

Of course, just days before elections, the president used this trip to stir up the Democratic base to get voters out as Republicans look to win back the house, possibly the Senate.

Biden arrived at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Thursday night, then went to Oceanside for a “get-out-the-vote” event for Levin, who’s in a tight race for re-election in the 49th district.

In Carlsbad, the president also touched on worries over the economy and inflation while pointing to the latest job numbers.

“America’s reasserting itself as simple as that. 10 million new jobs in 20 months this morning, I learned that we added another 261,000 jobs this month,” Biden said. “Folks, our economy continues to grow and add jobs even as gas prices continue to come down. We got a lot more to do. We also know folks are still struggling with inflation, it’s our number one priority,” Biden said.