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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A Chula Vista City Council candidate who lost the November election by only two votes has asked the San Diego County Registrar of Voters to stop a recount he originally requested.

The outcome was so close that Steve Padilla hoped the recount would deliver a new outcome.

After more than 25 precincts were counted and no errors were found, Padilla and his supporters have changed strategy. They are now shifting their focus to a couple of hundred “uncounted” ballots. These votes were not counted because they either arrived after the deadline or had issues with signatures.

Padilla’s supporters are asking Registrar Michael Vu to consider including these ballots in the results.

“If I agree with them, we will count the ballot. The question is what’s inside that ballot. No one knows at this point in time,” Vu said.

Vu will decide which votes, if any, will be counted. The process should be completed by Friday.

Meantime, the declared winner, John McCann, has already assumed the post on the City Council.