Man accuses DeMaio of exposing himself

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SAN DIEGO -- As Republican Carl DeMaio worked to stay on course hours before Election Day, accusations of sexual harassment against him continued to mount Monday.

Former DeMaio campaign volunteer 25-year-old Navy veteran Justin Harper said an incident between him and DeMaio happened  in July while he used a urinal.

“I kind of heard the stall door open and I kind of felt that he was close, or someone was behind me and I turned around and he was there, just standing, his zipper down, his pants up and his genitalia out,” said Harper, who isn’t gay and left the campaign soon after the alleged incident.

Harper also moved out of state.

Another of DeMaio’s former volunteers, Todd Bosnich, came out with similar accusations in early October.

“We can’t have a person like that [DeMaio] in public office and if God forbid he is elected, it is going to be a repeat of Filner,” said Bosnich. “I know there are other victims and eventually the complete truth will come out."

“It’s a character assassination attempt…these lies, these disgusting lies fall apart upon just a basic level of scrutiny,” said DeMaio, who claims the urinal in his building hasn’t worked since January.

DeMaio also pointed to a recent report revealing an email exchange between Harper and a member of the Peters campaign.

“Emails sent by the Scott Peters campaign to these individuals coordinating and coaching them on how to advance their false smear against me,” said DeMaio.

“No one in my campaign has made these accusations, these are accusations made by two members of Mr. DeMaio’s staff who are loyal Republicans and used to consider him a hero,” said Peters in response.

In the midst on one of the tightest congressional campaigns  seen locally, political analyst Carl Luna said usually last minute allegations don’t pull much weight.

“But in a very, very close race like the 52nd district it might be a deciding factor,” said Luna.

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office recently said there wasn’t enough evidence on the first sexual harassment accusation to press charges against DeMaio.

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