SAN DIEGO — After a special closed-door meeting Thursday morning, the MTS Board of Directors announced they will hire outside counsel for an independent investigation into claims of sexual assault and harassment made by a former MTS employee against San Diego County Supervisor and former MTS chair Nathan Fletcher.

“Mr. Fletcher failed to act in good faith and in a manner reasonably believed to be in the best interest of MTS,” said MTS Board Acting Chair Stephen Whitburn.

In a lawsuit, the former employee alleges Fletcher pursued and assaulted her and then in alleged retaliation, she was fired from MTS the same day the supervisor announced a bid for state senate.

Last week, Fletcher scrubbed that plan, announcing he was going into treatment for PTSD and alcohol abuse, later announcing he will step down as supervisor next month.

Fletcher said he had “consensual interactions” outside his marriage but denies any claims of assault.

“We are going to hire an independent counsel specifically to help us understand some of the questions that are being asked and once we get answers to those questions, we intend to make those findings public,” said Whitburn.

There are questions as to whether anyone with MTS knew about Fletcher’s alleged conduct and, if so, why the agency failed to act sooner.

“I had no idea what was going on. I am just incredibly pissed. I’m disappointed. A lot of feelings that I have — but I had no idea that any of that was going on,” said Sean Elo-Rivera, an MTS board member.

During a separate news conference, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said the accusations warrant a robust investigation.

“My hope is that it’s the start of a process that brings all the information to light and allows us to address the concerns and then move forward and go about the business of running the MTS system as well as the County of San Diego,” said Gloria.

Meanwhile, no timetable was given for how long the investigation might take.

MTS will have another closed-door session to discuss the matter April 20.