SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria delivered his third State of the City Address, for the first time in person this year, focusing on infrastructure, public safety, homelessness and housing affordability. 

In 2020, Gloria called the state of the city fragile while in 2021 it was ready to rebuild and in the 2022 wrap up he said “our city is rising.” 

He pledged the largest investment in infrastructure in city’s history to things like sidewalks and roads. 

“Between repaving and resurfacing, we are repairing 283 miles of city streets this fiscal year, over 40% more than the prior fiscal year,” Gloria said. 

The city opened 13 new parks and work is underway on three new fire stations. Last year, Gloria promised to fully fund all public safety departments and says he will do it again. 

“Overall crime, decreased by 7.5%, property crime went down by 9.7%, and serious violent crime went down 13%,” the mayor said. 

In the last year, Gloria says more than 2,200 San Diegans ended their homelessness, despite the number of homeless people downtown reaching a record high for five straight months 

“We have recently secured another motel that will soon begin serving families experiencing homelessness. We have expanded our safe parking program and will soon have a fourth location. We are turning the old central library downtown into an emergency shelter,” Gloria said. 

Homeless advocates held their own “State of the City” ahead of Gloria’s, saying there’s still more work to be done. 

“For every 10 persons who are housed, 13 persons become newly homeless. We are on a sinking ship, and we are not bailing enough water off to keep it afloat,” Coleen Cusack said 

Housing affordability continues to be a fight, but one that Gloria is committed to, sharing San Diego has been designated a “pro housing city” by the state.