Local college students weigh in on presidential debate

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SAN DIEGO – Nearly 200 students packed a University of California, San Diego auditorium Monday night to watch the third Presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

They gathered on the second floor of the Price Center East building to hear the candidates discuss their views on foreign policy, education, and the economy.

“I’m kind of in favor of Obama,” said junior Phillip Niegisch.  “He smoked him a couple of times I think just by being open and humorous.”

But charm and humor aside, the issues that mattered most to the young generation of college students came down to just a few.

“I figured foreign policy as far as China was concerned would be the biggest factor because right now, China was one of the biggest opponents economically to the United States,” said senior Joel Espinosa.  “We owe them a lot of money.”

The majority of the students in the auditorium were concerned with unemployment and how difficult the three prior graduating classes had trying to get a job.

“I graduate next year and I want to be able to know that I’m going to have a job when I get out and that my siblings when they graduate, they’re going to have jobs when they get out,” said junior Tahlor Cleveland.

“I would prefer to see someone who can lay out a very clear, precise and meticulous agenda,” To me that is Obama, much more so than Romney,” said junior Boris Boriyakov.

Although the debate forum encouraged students who were either democrats or republicans to attend, the vast majority said President Obama was the clear winner.

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