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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As efforts to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom gain momentum, former State Sen. Don Perata is leading a new campaign, ironically branded “Stop the Steal,” aimed at removing names from the recall petition.

But the campaign is running out of time, as the deadline for county registrars to verify signatures is April 29. Perata joined Inside California Politics to discuss the campaign.

“If you sign a petition at a supermarket to ban sugar, put that on the ballot, I can find that out, who you are, and I can campaign to you. I can try to dissuade you. When you do a recall, there’s no such thing,” he said. “For some reason, those signatures are shrouded. So, it becomes a little like a star chamber. And the more you look into that, the more you begin to question why can’t the governor face his accusers the same way anyone else would in our system?”