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LOS ANGELES (INSIDE CALIFORNIA POLITICS) – “I am very proud about that part of my life.”

That’s how gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner described July 30, 1976, the day she won a gold medal as Bruce Jenner.

“I’ve lived such an interesting, interesting, interesting life,” Jenner said.

Speaking to KTLA’s Frank Buckley for an exclusive interview with Inside California Politics, Jenner described that time in her life.

“There was so much more to me than just that, but that’s the only thing people were gonna see me for.. it was in 1976 it was the games… and I’m very happy for that. I’m very proud of what Bruce did. It was a great accomplishment and I learned a lot about overcoming obstacles, and going up against unseemable odds, which I bring to the governorship,” Jenner said.

“There’s a lot of fight still left in me. Little Bruce still kinda lives down there, and still got a lot of fight in him.”

Jenner said she will watch the Olympics this year.

“That’s part of my history.”