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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Ammar Campa-Najjar, the Democrat challenging incumbent Duncan Hunter for California House District 50, attended a small rally in Escondido Friday evening at Grape Day Park where an evangelical Christian group threw it’s support behind him.

The rally was hosted by Vote Common Good, a Christian organization urging religious voters across America to “vote with their conscience.”

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“I know it looks like we’re partisan because we are supporting Democratic candidates all across the country, but that’s because we are trying to change control of Congress. We believe that Congress’ job is to be a check on the presidency and we think that needs to happen,” explained Doug Pagitt, Executive Director for VCG.

The group is traveling to 31 districts across the county believed to be “flip-able,” in an effort to give Democrats a majority in Congress.

Representatives for Campa-Najjar’s opponent Duncan Hunter called him out for skipping the big Bernie Sanders rally in Oceanside, also Friday evening.

They sent FOX 5 a statement reading, in part:

“Knowing that being seen onstage with Sanders, a man he claims is one of his political heroes, is not a good image right before the election, Ammar’s plans changed and he is now attending an event in Escondido. This highlights the fact that Ammar’s agenda is in stark contrast to priorities of the voters of the 50th District.”

Campa-Najjar responded, telling FOX 5 he had planned to be at the VCG event months ago.

“That’s an event in Oceanside, this is an event in Escondido. With 11 days to go, I think each candidate should be in their respective districts. It would make no sense for me to go to a different district for somebody else’s rally,” said Campa-Najjar.

On Saturday, VCG will be traveling to Carlsbad, House District 49, to support Democrat Mike Levin.