ENCINITAS, Calif. — As the City of Encinitas tackles its homelessness issues, it appears leaders are now considering an encampment ban, following the City of San Diego’s recent ban on encampments in public spaces.

“I think once that law was adopted we saw an immediate impact here — where perhaps more people were looking for some places to go, other than the City of San Diego, because of that new law,” said Encinitas Mayor Tony Kranz during a special city council meeting Wednesday night.

Earlier this month, the City of Poway started enforcing its own homeless camping ban, allowing law enforcement to cite people for camping in public spaces if they refuse available shelter.

Encinitas City Councilmember Bruce Ehlers says he looked into the new ban in Poway.

“I’m a big proponent for a balanced approach. We need to be compassionate, but it has to be a carrot and a stick, as I like to call it. You’ve got to enforce your laws. Enforce our rules where we can and then be compassionate and provide the services and try and transition some of these people out of homelessness and help them,” Ehlers said.

Ehlers says it’s unclear how many of the unsheltered have already migrated from San Diego to the Encinitas area.

As for a camping ban, he says the city has not yet decided to take any steps.

“We will consider it and we’ll go through a public meeting to put in place any future changes,” Ehlers said.