Residents protest development of old country club


Escondido residents picket Air Pollution Control District meeting

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Voters in Escondido will soon decide whether a Beverly Hills-based developer can build hundreds of single-family homes on the former Escondido Country Club property.

Escondido’s Proposition H would authorize a plan to develop 110 acres on the property by adding 430 single-family homes while maintaining 25 percent of the property as open space.

Residents living near the former golf course voiced their concern with the developer and are upset at the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District.

About six months ago, Michael Schlesinger, owner the Escondido Country Club property through his company Stuck in the Rough, dumped tons of chicken manure along the course, near homes.

Schlesinger said the manure was used to fertilize the soil at the golf course. His company’s spokeswoman said they’ve apologized for using the manure and will never use the product again.

Residents aren’t buying it.

“How can you use it to maintain a golf course that hasn’t been watered? There’s no purpose if you’re going to dig it up and build homes in the future,” said Linda Linderman, one of the dozens of residents protesting Proposition H.

Linderman and other residents have clashed with Schlesinger ever since he announced plans to develop the golf course site

Lindersman said the development will increase congestion and ruin quality of life in the area.

Some residents are calling out the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District for not enforcing a fine levied against the  developer over the manure.

The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District officials said they are still negotiating a settlement with Schlesinger and will not make it public until a resolution is reached.

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