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SAN DIEGO – Trump’s recent drop in national poll numbers has left congressional Republicans fending for themselves and focusing on their own races.

It`s been an unprecedented election cycle with the turmoil revolving around the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has distanced himself from Trump since audio tape, showing the nominee make lewd sexual comments, was recently leaked. The fallout of the tape also resulted in several Republican politicians dropping their support of Trump and focusing on their own re-election.

Darrell Issa and Donald Trump shake hands during a political rally.
Darrell Issa and Donald Trump shake hands during a political rally.

Congressman Darrel Issa, R-Vista, who has openly supported the GOP nominee, was apologizing Monday for the candidate after watching the tape.

“That behavior has no place in political life. It’s the type of talk and discussion that should never be heard. I’m sorry that he ever said it and I certainly would hope that he has learned from this,” Issa said.

When asked if he was going to vote for Trump, Issa didn’t come out and say yes, but won’t be voting for the other candidates.

“I’m not going to vote for Johnson and I’m not going to vote for a criminal like Hillary Clinton,” Issa told FOX 5. “Majority of my district will go for Hillary Clinton, but I think they are making a mistake. What she has done really disqualifies her to be trusted.”

Issa has had a seat in Congress for 16 years and faces a tough re-election as his Democratic challenger Doug Applegate has gotten within striking distance.

The Applegate campaign released this statement:

“Darrell Issa consistently puts his political party ahead of his country instead of doing what is right for people in his district. Supporting Donald Trump is a perfect example of that.”