SAN DIEGO — San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nora Vargas held a news conference Monday to announce the introduction of a resolution of no confidence on Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

“I believe he should resign effective immediately and that is why I called a special session of the board tomorrow and drafted a resolution of no confidence in Supervisor Fletcher,” Vargas said.

The board will hold an emergency meeting Tuesday where they will vote to call on Fletcher to resign from his county position immediately.

“Because Supervisor Fletcher is not here, not available to respond to questions and concerns by the public and media about his actions,” Vargas said. “I feel we need to move forward with the limited information that we have now.” 

Fletcher has been accused of sexual assault and harassment in a lawsuit by a former Metropolitan Transit System employee.

Vargas announced that she would provide details on the resolution of no confidence and the next step for the county moving forward at the Monday news conference.

Fletcher previously announced that the effective date for his resignation would be May 15, after his medical leave from office.

In a news release, Vargas said she supported Fletcher’s resignation after he “personally admitted he had failed to hold the principles of the position and Office of the County Board of Supervisors.”

The full letter requesting the vote of no confidence can be viewed here

The vote of no confidence resolution would be a symbolic measure to pressure Fletcher to step down as soon as possible, according to Supervisor Jim Desmond. The board does not have the power to remove a supervisor from office. Desmond has also called for Fletcher’s immediate resignation.

The special Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the County Administration Center.

In addition to his fellow supervisors, a coalition of local leaders have also called for Fletcher’s immediate resignation. A group of city councilmembers from San Diego, La Mesa, Chula Vista, National City, Lemon Grove and Vista released the following joint statement:

“As regional leaders, we are elected to address our communities’ most pressing issues and
focus on finding critical solutions. Such work requires transparent, honest leadership and
dedication to serving the best interests of our constituents. Regardless of one’s position or
status, we must always fight for the most vulnerable in our society.

“United, we strongly urge Supervisor Nathan Fletcher to resign from the San Diego County
Board of Supervisors without delay to initiate the process of rebuilding public trust in the
wake of the severe allegations. It does not serve the public good for an elected official to
remain in office while performing no duties. The immediate resignation of Supervisor Fletcher
is a crucial step towards rebuilding confidence in our local government and enabling us to
move forward with the critical work at hand.”