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SAN DIEGO — Gov. Gavin Newsom visited San Diego Saturday as part of his campaign to get Californians to vote “no” on his recall. 

He spoke with the United Domestic Workers of America and volunteers in the Rolando area, saying there is a lot at stake in the election.

“So I implore you, please consider the stakes,” Newsom said. “Don’t dial this one in. Don’t just assume because it’s a big blue state, that this thing is locked in. And while it’s true, we talk about turnout, it’s also true this is about turning in the ballot.”

Aleena Jun Nawabi, of the United Domestic Workers of America, said she thinks it’s great that Newsom is coming down to San Diego.

“He understands that San Diegans are concerned,” she said. 

His presence in San Diego comes after Republican gubernatorial candidates John Cox and Caitlyn Jenner also paid visits to the area this week. Cox, the Rancho Santa Fe businessman, presented a plan to cut income taxes by 25% across the board while Jenner took a tour of the border in Otay Mesa.

Before making his way to San Diego, Newsom made two stops in Los Angeles as part of his “Vote No” Weekend of Action campaign.

“Those values, those principles — the things we hold dear are on the ballot on September 14th,” Newsom said.

Volunteers in the Rolando area are phone banking and educating voters on how to vote “no” on their mail-in ballots. They say the hope is to prevent leading challenger and conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder from becoming the next governor.

“I’m definitely voting no on the recall,” Nawabi said. “I think this is a complete waste of taxpayer money. I think if anything it’s very offensive to actually go through something like this. The recall is on September, and then we have re-election for the same next year, so why are we spending millions of dollars?”

If a majority of the votes on the recall question are “Yes,” Newsom will be removed from office and the replacement candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected for the remainder of the governor’s term. If one-half or more of the votes are “No,” Newsom will remain in office.

The ballots should be going out to voters the week of Aug. 16 while the recall election will be held on Sept. 14.