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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Secretary of State Shirley Weber is weighing in on the upcoming recall election and her takeaways from the process.

“I’m hoping in the next few weeks they will get the chance to experience the fact this is a relatively simple yet very important election,” Weber said.

Weber and elections officials across the state are gearing up for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election. In the past six months, Weber has juggled transitioning into her new role, the logistics of the recall and other special elections that have popped up around the state.

“There were already people in the office, who are elections people, who know much more about elections than I do, so they were ready for whatever we had to do,” Weber said. “We were ready, they were ready and I had read enough and had been guided enough by them that we’re doing a really good job.”

The governor and recall candidates recently took Weber to court because of their issues with the ballot: Newsom over his party preference and candidate Larry Elder over a tax return requirement.

A judge sided with Weber in the party preference case, but a different judge sided with Elder on taxes.

“We will probably have some discussion when we debrief afterwards. This is not the time to start talking about making major changes and all those kinds of things because the rules that are there are the rules that are there, and those are the rules we will live by through this election,” Weber said.

Weber promises this recall election will be transparent.

“Our office is completely committed to the fact that we’re going to have a safe and transparent election and one that people can feel secure that we will count every vote that should be counted in the election,” Weber said.