County still needs hundreds of volunteer poll workers for Election Day

California 2020 Primary

SAN DIEGO — The countdown to the presidential primary election is less than two weeks away, and San Diego County is still in need of hundreds of volunteer poll workers.

More than a million voters in the county have received their mail-in ballots. The San Diego County Registrar of Voters is urging you to send yours in. They are also asking for more volunteers to help count them. 

It can be a long and tedious task to help count votes but for Kenton Jones, it’s an important job.

“I would say critical,” Jones said. “The public needs to know that other members of the public are there to help them.”

The county sent more than 1.3 million mail-in ballots. By Friday, nearly 160,000 of them had been received.

“41% of those individuals affiliate with the Republican Party,” say San Diego County Registrar Michael Vu. “37% are with the Democratic Party and approximately 18% are coming back from non-partisan voters.”

But the county is expecting more than a million voters to hit the polls on Election Day. They still need hundreds of volunteers at more than 1,500 polling stations across the county.

“I volunteer as a poll worker because I feel like it’s a good way to add up to your civic duty,” Jones said. “And help out the community when they need the help the most.”

The county will also be launching four satellites locations that will be open on the four days leading up until Election Day.

Kenton says the biggest reward from volunteering is seeing the appreciate from the community.

“You rarely think of it at the end,” says Jones. “You think of a job well done.”

There will also be 63 sites where you can drop off your ballot. 

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