SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is meeting Tuesday to decide how to fill Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s seat once he resigns.

Fletcher says he plans to step down from his District 4 seat on May 15. He is currently out on a medical leave being treated for what he says is alcohol abuse and post-traumatic stress.

Since that announcement, there have been many developments involving the supervisor and his leadership position. Just as FOX 5 learned he was checking himself into treatment, we also learned a former MTS employee, Grecia Figueroa, was suing and accusing Fletcher of sexual harassment and sexual assault in his role as then-chairman of MTS.

County leaders will decide whether to appoint a candidate to replace him as the District 4 leader or hold a special election, which could cost up to $6 million.

FOX 5 asked Supervisor Joel Anderson what his thoughts were on the options and if he had reached out to Fletcher.

“I haven’t attempted to,” Anderson said. “Look, I want him to get healthy. I’ve known Nathan a long time. I don’t wish ill on anybody. When you think about the homeless, when you think about parks in our community, what we can do with $6 million is a lot to lift our communities. So I’d hate to spend that money if we didn’t have to but if we do do an appointment, that means four people from four different districts are all going to have to agree.”