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SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of San Diegans marched through the downtown area Saturday afternoon to protest the potential overturn of Roe vs Wade.

The rally was one of dozens across the nation, organized with Planned Parenthood’s “Ban off our Bodies” day of action.  

“This is bigger than just abortion, it will be birth control, it will be gay marriage, it will be women’s health,” said Susan Walsh, who was wearing an outfit inspired by “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The outfit comes from the popular Margaret Atwood novel where women are treated as property and forced to give birth in a dystopian society

“I think that we need to keep every hard-fought victory we have ever had and never go back,” said Walsh.

Charla Mckenna from Idaho, in town visiting a friend in San Diego, says she planned her trip to be able to participate in the rally, holding a sign stating, “I’m 74 and I’m tired of holding this sign since the 1960s.”

Mckenna says she was protesting when she was in high school and can’t believe she has to do it again.

“I’m just broken hearted that this is happening right now,” said Mckenna

Pro-life counter-protesters also made an appearance Saturday but were quickly dispersed by those taking part in the pro-choice rally.