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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Officials revealed new details Wednesday about the deadly shootout between a driver and a California Highway Patrol officer in Riverside earlier this month.

The gunman fired at least 100 rounds with a rifle during the shootout that killed Officer Andre Moye, a police official said during a city review with a civilian panel. Authorities also revealed that accused shooter Aaron Luther, who was killed in the gun battle, had originally been pulled over for driving in the carpool lane alone.

The new details were originally reported by local newspaper the Press-Enterprise, which attended the civilian panel designed to provide oversight for police shootings.

CHP said after Moye pulled over Luther and determined his truck would need to be impounded, the driver grabbed a rifle and opened fire.

Despite being hit, Moye was able to return fire and call for backup. Officers swarmed the area, taking cover behind their vehicles as the prolonged battle took place. In the end, three officers (including Moye) were wounded, while two bystanders had minor injuries, CHP said. Luther was killed.

Moye was later honored with processions, tributes from officials and a funeral service.