Police looking for suspect who drove into several parked cars and fled

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SAN DIEGO — A driver smashed into one car, then another, then another and another.

“It was super loud,” said Ben Toole, whose surveillance camera caught the whole thing. “It sounded like a train plowing through some cars.”

The incident happened just a few blocks south of Garnet Street in Pacific Beach Sunday around 9 p.m. “The car was so messed up that I was wondering if he was going to ditch it somewhere,” Toole said. “I hopped on my motorcycle to try and find him.”

No one was injured in the accident. As the white car sped away, another neighbor caught a glimpse of the driver. The front end of the car was so damaged that it forced the hood over the windshield, causing the driver to look out the window as they drove down the street.

“I actually took off in my truck to try and find them because I figured if you had the hood wrapped over the windshield of your car, you would try and stop and fix it,” said Quinn Myers, who lives a few doors down from Toole. “I took a few laps and couldn’t find them.”

Police said the driver later hopped on the interstate and got away, but they liked their chances on catching the suspect.

Neighbors said it’s all part of a bigger problem. They claim people leave the bars in Pacific Beach looking to avoid DUI checkpoints.

“They want to avoid Garnet,” Myers said. “So, this is an easy way.”

“This is the fourth hit-and-run I’ve seen on this street,” Toole said. “That’s why I installed the camera.”

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