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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Police finally took down a driver and his passenger Friday after a wild chase that involved multiple collisions, wrong-way driving, a foot chase and a small fire.

The chase began in Pomona when officers spotted the vehicle, which had been reported stolen, according to police. Officers tried to pull over the truck, but the driver would not stop, which prompted the pursuit.

The chase criss-crossed freeways and had reached a neighborhood south of downtown L.A. by about 10:20 a.m., according to KTLA. Within minutes, the pickup truck had exited the freeway and was speeding on surface streets, aerial video showed.

The truck drove erratically, swerving across lines and driving the wrong way at times, KTLA reports.

Around 11:30 a.m., the pickup appeared to be boxed-in by another truck on a narrow road. Officers got out of their vehicles with their guns drawn as the pickup stopped, then accelerated, ramming the other car and burning rubber.

The pickup was eventually able to push the other truck out of the way and navigate onto the next street; however, by that point, smoke was pouring from the back of the vehicle.

Minutes later, the rear left tire popped off. With three tires left, the vehicle continued slowly driving through a residential area as patrol units followed. Finally the truck stopped, and a fire broke out near the rear left tire well.

Two men hopped out and ran down the street, but a swarm of officers from every direction stopped them before long. Both were taken to the ground and arrested.