Woman arrested after LA police chase


CARSON, Calif. — Officers chased a driver through the South Bay of Los Angeles Tuesday morning.

California Highway Patrol was close behind the car on Interstate 405 in the Carson area shortly before 7 a.m. The white hatchback was driving at least 90 miles per hour as it made its way south on the freeway.

Eventually the driver exited onto side streets in the Long Beach area, where they tried to evade officers multiple times by stopping, then speeding off once authorities started to get out of their cars. After hopping a curb and driving over grass to escape a cul de sac, the driver was pinned by a sheriff’s vehicle as she tried to make a U-turn.

After appearing to struggle with officers trying to arrest her, the woman behind the wheel of the car was tackled to the grass and taken into custody. She was led to the back of a sheriff’s vehicle in handcuffs around 7:05 a.m.

It wasn’t immediately clear what started the chase.

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