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SAN DIEGO — Authorities have arrested a man suspected of posting YouTube videos threatening gun violence linked to San Diego, police said Friday.

The San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force received a tip on Monday “concerning very distressing YouTube videos threatening firearm violence linked to San Diego,” according to San Diego Police Lt. Shawn Takeuchi.

In the two videos posted in September, a man appears to practice carrying out a mass shooting from a hotel room in downtown San Diego, the Union-Tribune reported.

Following an investigation, agents and officers from the task force determined Steven Homoki, 30, was responsible for the videos and on Thursday served a search warrant at his Spring Valley home.

Authorities arrested Homoki and booked him into San Diego County Jail for possession of an assault weapon, possession of a high-capacity magazine and child endangerment. Authorities seized several firearms from his residence.

“This investigation exemplifies how the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force works every day to address violent threats to the people and institutions of San Diego,” San Diego FBI Special-Agent-In-Charge Scott Brunner said in a statement. “The extraordinarily swift investigative efforts put forth by the dedicated Agents and Officers of the San Diego JTTF quickly identified, located and arrested Mr. Homoki, preventing further incident. This exemplary result embodies the very essence of what the Joint Terrorism Task Force can achieve. Just three days ago Mr. Homoki was an unknown poster of disturbing videos and is now behind bars, his threats neutralized. This investigation is a truly extraordinary accomplishment. “

Homoki is scheduled to appear in San Diego Superior Court next Monday.