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ENCINITAS, Calif. — The City of Encinitas reached a milestone this weekend in its battle against single-use plastics.

Starting Saturday, customers must request plastic straws and utensils at Encinitas-area businesses and restaurants. The ordinance includes take-out and drive-thru food orders.

This new ordinance is the second phase of the city’s wider plastic ban. Single-use plastic bags were banned during the first phase of the city’s plan.

“When you walk on the beach here, you see plastic straws everywhere,” one Encinitas resident told FOX 5. “It’s a great idea. It’s about time we do it.”

Though most residents seem to approve of the plan, there are some who disagree with its importance.

“There’s a whole lot of more important things that we could be doing — like buying electric cars,” another resident said.

The phase-out of plastic straws and utensils will last until Aug. 1, when Encinitas restaurants and businesses will no longer be allowed to offer customers plastic straws.