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SAN DIEGO — The Peninsula Community Planning Board Thursday night approved the idea of “cycle tracks” on portions of West Point Loma Boulevard.

These tracks are dedicated bike lanes that come with buffer zones and space away from traffic lanes, providing more safety for cyclists. The lanes are supposed to increase bicycle traffic on streets with the cycle tracks. The city expects six percent of commuters will be on bikes by 2020, and 18 percent by 2035.

City representatives said the lanes won’t cost more than what’s already budgeted to resurface West Point Loma Boulevard.

The tracks will reduce the number of traffic lanes and parking spots, something some business owners welcome.

“Removing parking especially in front of businesses is good, you take a parking spot that’s for one vehicle, usually by one person, you take same parking spot with seven bikes in it,” said Karim Bouris, Executive Director of Business for Good San Diego.

The City of San Diego is expected to rule on the cycle tracks for West Point Loma Boulevard some time in mid-May.

If the tracks show promise, they will be placed in other parts of the city as a way to help San Diego’s Climate Action Plan, which calls for eliminating half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 2035.