Plane makes emergency landing at Lindberg Field

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SAN DIEGO – A Southwest Airlines flight crew spotted smoke in the cockpit while taking off from Lindbergh Field, and was forced to circle back and land without incident.

“Southwest Flight 3252 took off from San Diego International Airport shortly after 7:30 a.m. and they had smoke in the cockpit and they circled before landing at 7:51 a.m. with no incidents,” Cheryl Brown, deputy director of marketing for San Diego International Airport said. “We do not know the cause of the smoke.”

“A flight attendant detected a smell in the plane’s cabin, there was never any smoke,” said Southwest Airlines spokesperson Brandy King. “There was a smell, and they couldn’t identify it, so the pilot made a decision to return to San Diego.” King said the plane landed safely and all 129 passengers and 5 flight crew were safe and uninjured.

The plane with the electrical problem was pulled out of service and was being inspected, King said. Passengers aboard Flight 3252 were rescheduled on another flight and were expected to leave after a two-hour delay, King said.

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