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SAN DIEGO — Animal Control officials were trying to track down the owner of a pit bull Sunday that attacked and killed another dog off Seminole Drive in the College Area.

It happened around 6:37 a.m. Sunday. Police said the unleashed pit bull was unaccompanied when it attacked the dog, who was on a walk with its owner.

Witnesses tried to intervene and save the attacked dog, but it died from its injuries.

“I was out on the field, so I had to get my shepherd under control so I could get over there,” said Arnold Tripp, who witnessed the incident. “By the time I got there he was still not letting go of the dog, so I whacked it with my stick and finally he took off.”

The dog retreated to a stairwell at a nearby apartment complex. Officers could be seen climbing to a second story window and getting the attention of the residents, who let them inside so they could have a better chance at catching the pit bull.

“The dog is extremely strong,” said Lt. Christian Sharp with the San Diego Police Department. “It started manhandling the first animal control officer. We were able to get a second catch-pull around the dog. Between the two catch-pulls we were able to control the dog a little better and get it safely into an animal control vehicle.”

Officers believe the pit bull’s owner likely lives at the apartment complex but said they were unable to track the person down Sunday morning.

Xavier Sanchez, who lives in the area, said the same dog attacked him Saturday night while he was attempting to get something from his vehicle.

“It came after me so I ran from the side of my car to the front of the apartment door. As I got through the door, it lunged at my leg and bit a hole in my pants,” Sanchez said.

Authorities said if someone encounters an aggressive dog on the loose, they should immediately contact them.

“If you have a dog that’s chasing you around a car, we would like you to call us so we can at least get the dog secured so we don’t have what occurred earlier this morning,” Sharp said.

Animal Control is assisting the man whose dog was killed. They are also hunting down the pit bull’s owner, who could face citations and charges for not securing the dog.