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SAN DIEGO — The district has heard their demands before, and Monday night San Ysidro High School students and parents showed up in larger numbers, even louder than ever.

They have been upset about cuts to their bus routes for months now and once again took their concerns before the school board. They’ve become more organized, bringing signs to the meetings and even chanting to get the school board’s attention.

The protest stems from the Sweetwater Union High School District cutting 20 of the school’s 22 bus routes. Many students say they have lost the ability to participate in school activities, sports and clubs. Others claim their grades have lowered due to the short amount of time they have to do homework after walking long distances.

Before the cuts happened, more than 700 students used bus services daily at San Ysidro High. After the cuts, the remaining two bus routes serve about 60 students.

Board members have argued there are other schools in the district with no bus routes and remind people that millions of dollars have been spent to work on Otay Mesa Road, which leads to the school.

The school district also said Monday it would open up an additional 110 bus passes and notify families starting Tuesday.