Parents make final push to save Oceanside schools


OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Parents and faculty at two Oceanside elementary schools made a final effort at Tuesday’s school board meeting to ask the district to save their schools instead of closing them for good.

The two schools in question are Garrison Elementary and San Luis Rey. Garrison joined with San Luis Rey after a sinkhole forced its closure last summer. Parents and teachers now say the conditions there present an entire new set of problems.

Meanwhile, the school board has about a month to decide what to do with the two campuses moving forward. The board has a number of options on the table, including fixing the massive sinkhole, updating the two campuses or potentially close both.

“We implore you to fix our school, clean it and while you’re deciding to rebuild, remodel, you need to fix what we’re in right now,” said Elaine Leasiolagi.

Leasiolagi is one of the district parents who spoke out about what they believe to be unsafe and unsanitary conditions for students and faculty at San Luis Rey.

“We have flooded playgrounds, stagnant water, unsanitary bathrooms,” said Leasiolagi.

The district held two public input meetings at the start of February to hear from parents and teachers at the two schools. Many of the comments involved building an entirely new school, though that is not something the board initially proposed.

A final decision from the board is expected at the beginning of March. In the meantime, the community is urged to fill out an online survey if they were not able to make it to any public meetings.

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